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Week 1

I just arrived at Richard Campeys’ house from Manchester airport, I spent a good time with him at his house learning about the U.K. and how different it is from the USA.

Mr. Campey was very patient and willing to give me a ride to a room in the Travelodge where I was staying till Tuesday.  I worked on fixing fences with Mr. Campey until Sunday where I went to his house on for a delicious meal of quiche, ham and potatoes.

I was able to work with Campeys’ this week by putting together all 250 some blades on the Koro® Universe® rotor.  Later on during the week I was able to go to Arsenal training ground and Emirates stadium and meet Reece Watson himself.  Wednesday I was also very lucky to go to Tottenham Training Ground and get a look at a very prestigious soccer club training ground.

I also got to see the Koro® FieldTopMaker, along with other products like the Sandcat, and the Vredo Seeder in use for the first time which was very interesting! I learned what it’s like to be a part of Campey’s American team from American Dealers like St Johns Turf Care, GLK Turf Texas, US Pitchcare and Mark Langner of Aqua Aid. It has been a very eventful week and I know there is lots more to learn!