TIP – Greens Spiker / Seeder

Ideal tool for creating a seed-bed on a variety of fine-turf surfaces

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The Greens Spiker / Seeder is an ideal tool for creating a seed-bed on a variety of fine-turf surfaces such as, golf greens, tees, bowling greens, cricket-squares, etc. The unit can be towed or 3 point linkage mounted to suit most common turf vehicles. The large-diameter tine drum creates thousands of tiny holes to hold seed, and greatly improves germination rates. The unit can also be used without seed to improve surface drainage, increase infiltration rates, promote gaseous exchange and reduce dry-patch.

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Effective working width
120cm (48″)
Overall / transport width
135cm ( 54″ )
Working depth
30mm ( 1¼” )
277kg Mounted. / 340kg Towed.
No.of tines
Tine thickness
7mm ( 5/8″ ) tapered
Tines spacing
40mm ( 1½” )
Tractor requirement – Mounted
Cat 1: 3pt linkage
Vehicle requirement – Towed
Tow hitch. Double-acting hyd. spool valve. 12v plug

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