KORO® Top Drain

Complete one-pass surface drainage system

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Project Description


Top Drain®

The TopDrain is a unique multifunctional machine that trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation. Designed for sportsfields and golf course fairways, the TopDrain benefits include; material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods. The sand grid created by the TopDrain complements existing drainage systems.

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Working width
Overall width depth
Machine height (machine on legs)
2.52m * rear wheels lowered
Height of elevator (blades on ground)
Height of hopper (blades on ground)
Machine length
Working depth
260mm (maximum)
Weight (approx)
2,500kgs (unladen)
Number of cutting discs
Spacing of discs
Thickness of digging blades
Power requirement
55hp – 85hp maximum
Tractor requirements
540 pto / 6 spline pto6 hyd valves – female fittings on tractor required
Operating speed
0 – 3 kph
Tractor requirements
540 pto. 2 x double, 1 x single spool, 12v plug
Road lights
Working width
Overall width
Number of cutting blades
Spacing of discs
Thickness of discs
Thickness of blades
Transport width
Weight (approx)
3300kg (unladen)
Power requirement
95hp Creep gear
Tractor requirements
540 pto. 2 x double, 1 x single spool, 12v plug
Operating speed
0 – 1.8mph (0 – 3kph)
Extended side conveyor. Hopper vibrator

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Top Drain – Testimonials

“Since starting with the TopDrain we have done five and a half hectares and you can definitely tell the difference in those areas. We want to provide a high standard of course for the races and it’s very important to us that the safety of the horses and the reliability of the course is up to scratch, and using the TopDrain is helping us do that.
Adrian Kay, Head Groundsman, York Racecourse
We could see the opportunity for it to save us not hours but days of resources and labour charges, and leave a job in a very professional manner with a happy client having their surface out of action for a fraction of the time.
Alex Lingard, Contracts Manager, Bourne Amenity

Watch it in action

Get a real sense of this machines capabilities in the environment it was built for, please take a moment to watch it in action. There are many more videos available of all our exclusive products on the Campey YouTube channel.

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