Turf Matters talk to Richard Campey at Saltex 2017

Turf Matters catch up with Campey Turf Care and Premier Pitches at SALTEX 2017. Richard Campey and Carl Pass discus how the KORO FTM takes turf care to the next level. SALTEX is the UK's national event for grounds care, sports surfaces, amenities, estates and green space management. From turf care and [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 11

Week 11 This week I am with Brian O’Shaughnessy. We are doing demonstrations of different machines throughout parts of Ireland. We started at Shandon Park Golf Club in Belfast, Ireland. We showed all the machines we brought with us, including things like the Air2g2, Dakota Spreader, Vredo, and Brush. The next day we stayed around [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 10

Week 10 I spent part of the week with Steve Dunn down near Pershore, England. We are doing demos at at Barenbrug day. We brought numerous machines down including three different types of Vredo seeders, so that people could see them. With Barenbrug being a seed company it worked out well to show off both [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 9

Week 9 I started this week off with Ben Taylor, we went to Charterhouse School where I used a root pruner for the first time. We also made a stop in Lewes at Lewes Golf Club, one of the few courses I have been to that had fescue greens. It also had some very nice [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 8

Week 8 I spent this week with Ben Taylor in the South part of England. We began our first day going to golf clubs around where he lives, like East Sussex National. He took me to see Beachy Head, one of the highest cliffs on the south coast of England. We took a fairy to [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 7

Week 7 I spent the week working around the yard helping with lots of different jobs, such as fixing tires for machines, organizing parts for the parts shop, and even getting to shrink wrap some machines before they went out for delivery. For the weekend, I got a train down to London. I spent the [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 6

Week 6 This past week I spent my time in France with Lee Morgado, we flew into Toulouse where we met up with Christine from Hydraparts and drove down to Bordeaux where we had some demos to do. The first demo we had was at a city sports field complex. We were demonstrating the Koro [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 5

Week 5 I started the week off in Brussels, Belgium where I met up with Dave Stonier and Ben Taylor for the last part of the European Pitch Renovation Tour. In Brussels, we were working at Anderlecht Football Clubs training ground home of the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht. We did most of the pitch in [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 4

Week 3 This week I was up in Scotland, at Greenock Morton Football Club, with Richard Haywood and Ethan Yates, here I took part in my first football pitch renovation. We started sat things up Monday for the Tuesday start of the renovation. It was a three day open house style renovation that allowed people [...]

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Logan Leigh – Blog 3

Week 3 I spent the weekend in Anglesey, North Wales with Ian Campbell where he has a caravan spot at. Ian and his wife took me around the island to different locations and showed me some very pretty scenery. They took me to the Menai Bridge, which was one of the world’s first iron suspension [...]

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