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Pedestrian Turf Maintenance

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Sisis Autoturfman U4185
Sisis Autoturfman U4185£900 +VAT
new tines fitted, checked over and in working order, not warranted
Rapid Mondo - U4143
Rapid Mondo - U4143£2,959 +VAT
sickle bar mower, hydrostatic drive, very clean and tidy
Turf Teq Power Edger - U4039
Turf Teq Power Edger - U4039£950 +VAT
heavy-duty self propelled lawn edger
Fort Rotavator - U4037
Fort Rotavator - U4037£1,750 +VAT
heavy-duty rotavator
Sisis Drag Brush x 2 - U4006
Sisis Drag Brush x 2 - U4006£220 +VAT each
Shop soiled. Choice of 2. 6ft
Sisis Rotorake 450 UNO
Sisis Rotorake 450 UNO£3,600 +VAT
New machine with scarifying reel and box. List £4,800
Sisis Superturfman 2 U3942
Sisis Superturfman 2 U3942£2,995 +VAT
in good condition with spiker slitter attachment
Sisis Auto Rotorake U3867
Sisis Auto Rotorake U3867£1,650 +VAT
ARR/4 fitted new thatch removal blades, serviced and checked over, new box if required POA
Risboro Turf Big Willy Aerator U3400
Risboro Turf Big Willy Aerator U3400£1,500 +VAT
With 4″ solid tines ready to go
GT Air2G2 Uxxx
GT Air2G2 Uxxx£17,750 each +VAT
2 x our own demo machines available
SMG Turfsoft Brush U3399
SMG Turfsoft Brush U3399£4,500 +VAT
For cleaning of artificial surfaces, shop soiled, cost over £6,500

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