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We have a large selection of pre-owned turf care machinery and tractors available

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We have NEW New Holland tractors in stock at special prices ex stock Boomer 3050, TZ24, TC24D, T1560 hydro, T1570 hydro, Boomer 3040 CVT transmission with cab, standard turf tyres or galaxy tyres. New Holland, John Deere, Ford, Kubota, & other tractors available. We also have a large selection of turf tyres available.

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Kubota L4200 Tractor - U4192
Kubota L4200 Tractor - U4192£9,500 + VAT
42hp, c/w Kubota 580 loader, turf tyres, manual gear box with creep, 2 spool valves, ex golf club, very tidy
New Holland TZ24D Tractor - U4005
New Holland TZ24D Tractor - U4005£5,450 + VAT
24hp sub compact tractor, low hours only 970 on turf tyres, 3pt linkage, serviced and ready for sale
Branson 5025Ch Tractor - 5025Ch
Branson 5025Ch Tractor - 5025Ch£POA + VAT
NEW – 50hp hydro tractor c/w cab, aircon, turf tyres
New Holland T4.75 Tractor - U4171
New Holland T4.75 Tractor - U4171£21,500 + VAT
75hp, 12×12 gear box, 2 spools, PUH, 4375 hours, very clean and tidy, or on galaxy tyres in lieu of ag tyres @ £22,950
Kubota B1610 Tractor U4162
Kubota B1610 Tractor U4162£6,500 + VAT
c/w turf tyres, ROPS, mid deck and PTO powered hydraulic open collector, very low hours (310) in very good condition

New Holland TN55S Tractor U4165
New Holland TN55S Tractor U4165£13,500 + VAT
55hp, 12 x 12 gear box, 1 x double acting spool, PUH/drawbar, low hours (1850) on galaxy turf tyres and front weights, clean and tidy tractor

Branson 6225Ch Tractor NEW
Branson 6225Ch Tractor NEW£19,500 + VAT
60hp, hydro, cab, air con, turf tyres

Branson F36Rn Tractor NEW
Branson F36Rn Tractor NEW£11,500 + VAT
35hp, manual, turf tyres, ROPS, 1500kg lift

Kubota B1710 Tractor U4141
Kubota B1710 Tractor U4141£5,350 + VAT
17hp, cheap no frills Kubota tractor, cab, manual gear box, turf tyres, 2400 hours, average condition
Kubota B7100 Tractor - U4052
Kubota B7100 Tractor - U4052£2,750 + VAT
16.5hp, 4WD, ag tyres, 9 forward x 3 reverse manual gear box, 3-speed PTO, 3175 hours, tidy clean small tractor
New Holland T4020 Tractor - U4056
New Holland T4020 Tractor - U4056£16,950 + VAT
60hp, 2009, only 3126 hours, 16 x 16 gear box + 8 speed creep box, spool valve, PUH/drawbar, front weights, tyres 18.4 x 26/41.14-20, tidy tractor
New Holland T5-105 Tractor with Loader - N6546
New Holland T5-105 Tractor with Loader - N6546£42,750+ VAT
105hp, 2016, 459 hours, 3 spool valves, 12×12 gear box plus creep, 4WD, PUH, ex demo tractor with loader (ag or tyres available)

New Holland T5-115 Tractor - U3852
New Holland T5-115 Tractor - U3852£36,950 + VAT
1240 hours, 2014 registration, 3 x spools, front linkage and PTO, on turf or ag tyres

Shibaura ST 324 Tractor U3297
Shibaura ST 324 Tractor U3297£9,950 +VAT SOLD
brand new Shibaura 24hp tractor, hydro, ROPS, turf tyres, same tractor as New Holland TC24
Kioti CS2610 U3724
Kioti CS2610 U3724£8,750 +VAT
26hp, 4WD, low hours on turf tyres in very good condition, we have collector which fits tractor, 3pt linkage available from £3,000 – £6,500
Trima 220 Professional Loader
Trima 220 Professional Loader£3,250 +VAT
to fit New Holland TN/T4000 tractors, with all brackets, hydraulics & bucket
Galaxy Turf Tyres
Galaxy Turf Tyres£POA +VAT
Front and rear to suit New Holland TND/T4000 tractors
Trelleborg 409 Turf Tyres
Trelleborg 409 Turf Tyres£1,250 +VAT
JD centre and stud pattern rear turf tyres (pair)
Titan Turf Tyres
Titan Turf Tyres£1,250 +VAT
JD centre and stud pattern rear turf tyres (pair)
Front and rear Ag Tyres
Front and rear Ag Tyres£2,200 +VAT
NEW – front and rear Ag tyres and rims to suit John Deere – rear Mitas AC 85 420/85R 38, fronts Mitas AC 85 320/85R 28

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