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We have a large selection of pre-owned turf care machinery and tractors available

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We have NEW New Holland tractors in stock at special prices ex stock Boomer 25 – 50  ROPS, Boomers 40-50 CAB, hydro or manual transmission , standard turf tyres or galaxy tyres. New Holland, John Deere, Ford, Kubota, & other tractors available. We also have a large selection of turf tyres available.

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John Deere 4410 Tractor U4297
John Deere 4410 Tractor U4297£8,950 + vat
40hp on galaxy turf tyres, 3680 hours, clean and tidy, to be serviced before sale
New Holland TD3.50 Tractor U4278
New Holland TD3.50 Tractor U4278£9,950 + vat
50hp compact tractor, 8 x 2 gear box, galaxy turf tyres, ROPS, spool valve, drawbar, a very strong basic tractor in very good condition
New Holland 1520 Tractor U4245
New Holland 1520 Tractor U4245£6,950 + vat
23hp, 9×3 manual gear box c/w Lewis 25Q loader with bucket, PUH, serviced and checked over, straight tractor ready for work
New Holland T5-105 Tractor U4256
New Holland T5-105 Tractor U4256£29,750 + vat
105hp, 2014 model, 20 x 12 gear box inc creep, power shuttle, on Trelleborg 560/60 – 22.5 front + 650/65 – 30.5 rears, front weight tombstone in very clean condition
New Holland TCE40 Tractor U4246
New Holland TCE40 Tractor U4246£7,750 + vat
40hp, very low hours (350) spool valve, drawbar, front weight tombstone on ag tyres – on new turf tyres @ £9,250.00
New Holland T4050 Tractor UNO
New Holland T4050 Tractor UNO£19,750 + vat
95hp, 4WD, 3163 hours, flotation turf tyres, creep, front weights, with full service history, to be serviced and checked over before sale
New Holland T5-105 Tractor with Loader - N6546
New Holland T5-105 Tractor with Loader - N6546£42,750+ VAT
105hp, 2016, 459 hours, 3 spool valves, 12×12 gear box plus creep, 4WD, PUH, ex demo tractor with loader (ag or tyres available)

John Deere 4110 Tractor U4239
John Deere 4110 Tractor U4239£6,950 + vat
20hp hydro, 4WD, cab, heater, painted highway yellow, only 960 hours from new, ex local authority fitted with front mtd snow plough – (this can be removed) U4240 snow plough £750 extra
New Holland T4.75 Tractor - U4171
New Holland T4.75 Tractor - U4171£21,500 + VAT
75hp, 12×12 gear box, 2 spools, PUH, 4375 hours, very clean and tidy, or on galaxy tyres in lieu of ag tyres @ £22,950
New Holland T4020 Tractor - U4056
New Holland T4020 Tractor - U4056£16,950 + VAT
60hp, 2009, only 3126 hours, 16 x 16 gear box + 8 speed creep box, spool valve, PUH/drawbar, front weights, tyres 18.4 x 26/41.14-20, tidy tractor
John Deere 4310 Tractor U4233
John Deere 4310 Tractor U4233£8,950 + vat
31hp, ROPS, industrial tyres, new bonnet to be fitted c/w loader and bucket
New Holland TN55S Tractor U4165
New Holland TN55S Tractor U4165£13,500 + VAT
55hp, 12 x 12 gear box, 1 x double acting spool, PUH/drawbar, low hours (1850) on galaxy turf tyres and front weights, clean and tidy tractor

New Holland TC27D Tractor U4221/U4247
New Holland TC27D Tractor U4221/U4247From £6,750 + vat
27hp, hydro, 4WD, 2837 hours,  on oversized turf tyres, supersteer, clean and tidy tractor – choice of 2
John Deere 2720 HST Tractor U4212
John Deere 2720 HST Tractor U4212£7,950 + vat
31hp, hydro, ROPS, turf tyres, low hours 1425, very clean and tidy
NEW Shibrura ST324 Tractor U3927
NEW Shibrura ST324 Tractor U3927£9,950 + vat
brand new Shibaura 24hp tractor, hydro, ROPS, turf tyres, same tractor as New Holland TC24
Branson 5025Ch Tractor - 5025Ch
Branson 5025Ch Tractor - 5025Ch£19,500 + VAT
NEW – 50hp hydro tractor c/w cab, aircon, turf tyres
Branson F36Rn Tractor NEW
Branson F36Rn Tractor NEW£11,500 + VAT
35hp, manual, turf tyres, ROPS, 1500kg lift

Kubota B1710 Tractor U4141
Kubota B1710 Tractor U4141£5,350 + VAT
17hp, cheap no frills Kubota tractor, cab, manual gear box, turf tyres, 2400 hours, average condition
Kioti CS2610 U3724
Kioti CS2610 U3724£8,750 +VAT
26hp, 4WD, low hours on turf tyres in very good condition, we have collector which fits tractor, 3pt linkage available from £3,000 – £6,500
Trima 220 Professional Loader U3975
Trima 220 Professional Loader U3975£3,250 +VAT
to fit New Holland TN/T4000 tractors, with all brackets, hydraulics & bucket
Galaxy Turf Tyres
Galaxy Turf Tyres£POA +VAT
Front and rear to suit New Holland TND/T4000 tractors
Trelleborg 409 Turf Tyres
Trelleborg 409 Turf Tyres£1,250 +VAT
JD centre and stud pattern rear turf tyres (pair)
Titan Turf Tyres
Titan Turf Tyres£1,250 +VAT
JD centre and stud pattern rear turf tyres (pair)
Front and rear Ag Tyres
Front and rear Ag Tyres£2,200 +VAT
NEW – front and rear Ag tyres and rims to suit John Deere – rear Mitas AC 85 420/85R 38, fronts Mitas AC 85 320/85R 28

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